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Custom site search

Thanks to Google Custom Search feature, it is now possible to perform a deep search in every website of the directory and easy find whatever information you are looking for.
Just click on the search icon next to the websote name and make sure to choose a generic keyword in order to get results.

Mobile optimized detail page

Some websites have now a mobile optimized detail page with address, map & GPS coordinates.
This page also features a custom search engine that allows to perform a search query within any page of the website.

Add a link to your Google Places data

You can now add an image with a link pointing to your Google Places data (see the exemple in the french section)

Add a Flickr Photo set to your website

If you have a Flickr account, you can now create an album there and add the web address of this album to the data you have provided to your website when submitting it to the directory.

Add a Youtube movie to your website

If you own a Youtube channel or if you've uploaded a movie on Youtube related to your website, you can now link this movie to your website (Your website must be approved and registered in the directory).

Add an event

If your website is registered in the Directory and if you are logged in with with your Google or Facebook or Twitter account , you can now add an event related to that website.

How to effectively submit a website to the directory

Read the guidelines & best practices you should follow for effectively submitting your website to the directory.
These guidelines aim at making better and easy to read results pages.

What's new ?

These websites were recently added to the directory gives you the ability to post ads for free throughout the Belgique. On you can find easily in the whole of Belgium ads, and you can easily contact the people who have them publié you will find announcements on new and used vehicles, boats, real estate (IMMO), multimedia,...


The proper care and removal of your property?s fuel tank is important. The last thing you want is to pollute the soil or experience improper heating or incur high heating costs simply because your tank is damaged. This does not, however, mean you should remove the fuel tank on your...

Brasserie Louis

Brasserie Louis is a restaurant in Lier best known for its majestic settings and wide range of delicious world-class cuisines. The menu includes appetizers, salads, pasta, vegetarian, meat & poultry, fish, kids? food, hot buns, cold sandwiches and the restaurant?s special classics. The kitchen is open from 11.30am until 10.00pm....

Dakwerken Apers

From roof renovation to insulation, Dakwerken Apers has the expertise and the resources to do it all without cutting corners. This company has over 20 years of experience rendering expert services in roofing in Antwerpen.
With them, you can get all manner of roofing services; both flat and pitched roofs....

Raki Tex

The company Raki Tex S.P.R.L. was founded in 2000 as an import and export company's activities continued to grow and has become so specialized in the trade of used clothes and Labrador, Newfoundland and used shoes, Vintage and accessories.
Our operating chain has expanded to Russia, Georgia, Ukraine in addition...

Webwatch uses Google to search Belgium for products, services, companies & web pages.This offers the possibility to search:
  • this website
  • Deep search all websites included in the directory

On the homepage (this page), the search box in the navbar allows to search anything belgium.

In a category or subcategory page, the search box will display results from all the webpages from all the websites which are classified in that category (deep search)

Before it appears in the directory, your website will be reviewed by the editorial team.
This process usually takes several weeks.

You receive an email notification as soon as your website is approved.

If your website is not approved, the reason would be that the website doesn't match the following requirement:

  • Not related to Belgium
  • Website containing adult material
  • Inappropriate or unclear title or description

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We are official Google Partner in Belgium.

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