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Some websites have now a mobile optimized detail page with address, map & GPS coordinates.
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New Belgium websites additions

These websites were recently added to the directory

Ana-Belén Montero

Ceramics, sculpture, installations -
My work questions slow movement of water and organic beings. I consider the pieces I create as sculptural forms even if some of them are also fonctional.
Since 2009, I have been creating more conceptual installations containing mainly images (photo, video) and ceramics. I...

Antwerp Central Flats

We offer you 3 luxury apartments in a residential area in the city center of Antwerp!
The Apartments are newly renovated with quality materials and are located in a quite central area. The ideal place to visit the city.
This location is ideal if you want to combine...

Le permis en ligne

Pass your driving license theoretical for 2 ¤?
It's possible, thanks to the Permis en Ligne !
The whole theory of driving licenses Am (cyclo) and B (car) split into chapters, test your knowledge of these chapters with exercises; and once you know it, do your exam simulation.
And if...

Auto-école Drivekar

The driving school Drivekar offers several packages for you to successfully pass your driving license category B (car).
Whether it is for lessons of 2h or 20h, it will always be in a new car and with a proven qualified instructor that you will learn.
Driving school Drivekar 51...

Béatrice BEDEUR, Artiste Peintre


Born in 1961 in Liege (Belgium).
Painter and photographer.
Degree in photography and cinematography of ICADI (1982).

Beatrice has a preference for non conventional, styled and abstract landscapes. She developed an attractive and creative style blending influences from cubism and impressionism. Her landscapes are broken up and...

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Hotel Jan Brito, Bruges | Belgium

Book a room at hotel Jan Brito, charming elegant & cosy hotel located the center of Bruges, only 500 meters from the Grote Markt in Brugge
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