Any healing practice that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine available in Belgium

Fico : Flanders International College of Osteopathy

Fico : an international training of the highest quality in Osteopathy

Institut de Nouvelle Hypnose

The web-site of the Institute of New Hypnosis (INH) presents the activities of formation and information 1) for professional in the field of health 2) for any person interested in therapeutical hypnosis.

bodymind Integration

Deep Bodywork and Personal Development. Training Center for Postural and Energetic Integration. Body Psychotherapy.


Algemene Belgische Acupuncturistenvereniging Diploma China.

Reiki Leen

Tera-Mai (tm) Healing System, including Reiki and Seichem workshops and healing sessions.

De Bowen Techniek in België

The body in Balance with the Bowen Technique. This manual therapy works on the fascial structures of the body and "resets" these zones of discomfort.


Site about yoga with some explanation of the philosopy behind the asanas and information on private tuition and group lessons in Buggenhout and Merchtem

Lucid Dream pills - Sleeping Pills - Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dream Pills : is our main product that will enhance your dream habbit naturally, a real lucid dreaming formula through a herbal way.

Annick Lentacker - Tremellin therapeut

As a Tremellin®therapist, my job mainly focusses on prevention instead of curing disease. Essential in all this is the integrated approach of health being: vitality, behaviour, communication, feelings and consciousness.

The past 10 years I specialized in the treatment of stress-related disorders.

en équilibre - Joëlle Dumont

The secrecy of serenity is not in the events themselves but in the answer that you bring there.

Innertech Institut de Technologie Intérieure

Personal and professionnal evolution. Coaching, hypnosis, nlp, family constellations.

Organisch Silicium

Organic Silicium explained in detail and links to retail products by Dexsil labs

Edelson Wellness Center

For Belgians visiting the USA in FLorida, this site is a resource for those Belgians who develop back pain while visiting

Fleurs de bach

Bach Flower remedies, Rescue Remedy, free advice and proven Bach Flower remedies for stress, adhd, depression, fear, getting pregnant, quit smoking, ...

Lifewave et affiliation-partenaires de qualite

patch not skin patches lifewave based body meridiens by acupression.
Facilitate energy flow, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, weight loss, find a good sleep lightens the pain. Try it!

ANYK The Company of Health

ANYK The Company of Health (formerly known as Tremellin) has been at the forefront of complementary health in Belgium and the UK for
over 15 years. Their unique FLOW system pinpoints blocked areas and suggests the most
effective therapy. It saves on time and money and is very effective and, in some cases,
can be life saving. They also use Neuro Inner Fusion and over 20 types of Complementary Health Therapies to support their FLOW therapy.

Namur : kinésiologue Belge

Kinesiology is a practice known and practiced by persons with expertise. Lawal Rachel works as a kinesiologist in Belgium in recent years and offers sessions for children, adults and adolescents.

Reflexologie Plantaire à Sélange, Messancy

We offer reflexology sessions in our practice near Selange and Clemency. We also practice the Floral Therapy of Doctor Edward Bach and the EFT Emotional Freedom Technique.

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