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Skin Creme Comhair

We sell car products udder cream, horse balm, retail and wholesale.
It is possible to produce a skin cream (day cream, night cream, hand cream):
With your desired fragrance
In your choice of packaging
With your own label
and this from 400 kg.


Santi-shop is an online store of organic and fair trade products that covers health, beauty and food. Cosmetics, Gemmotherapy, Food, Aromatherapy, Food supplements, books etc are offered to you. Major brands: Logona, Lavera, Dr.Hauschka, HerbalGem, Oxfam, Gepa, Biofloral, AlbaMed. Decreasing shipping rates.

le specialiste des perles de bain en ligne, the site only devoted to the pearls of bath. All our pearls are at the unique price of 0.33¤ TTC. More than 50 different models, Pearly, translucent, round, Fancies, Tiny, standard or Maxi . all fragrances, all colours and all forms. No minimum of order, every pearl can be bought from unit for only 33 cents of euro TTC. Our pearls are fabricated in France without paraben.

Insta Cosmetic

InstaCosmetic, your online drugstore with a wide range of cosmetic, beauty and health products. At our shop you can get your order securely just in a few seconds. For orders over ¤ 40, we do not charge shipping. We only supply quality products from well known brands. Do you have a question? Contact our helpdesk. We are happy to help.

La Cure Belgie

Dead Sea natural beauty care products, Dead Sea cosmetics and toiletries


At your disposal : more than 300 perfumeextracts
and essential oils.

Mon Aloe vera

Aloe Vera in Belgium : Discover all the Aloe Vera products and Benefits . Buy online and in all safety all Aloe Vera products and discover the company Forever Living and all the distributors in Belgium. Take advantage of your entire body remarkable properties of aloe vera . A real nutrition for results that are equally Learn how Forever Living Products are different. Infused through an aloe vera gel and many other beneficial plants , these products give you something unexpected .


A website for bodyface and haircare. We import products from Spain : Tulipan Negro Deosticks and spray classic en for men, Tulipan Negro Doucheand bathgel with Aloë Vera, Shampoo with Aloë Vera, Hairconditioner, bodymilk, etc.

Bio'ty Lab

100% natural skincare. The Belgian webshop of organic products. Ecochic certified cosmetics.

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