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LaShiva Mind & Body Massage Énergétique Tantrique
Brussel (Elsene)

LaShiva Mind & Body massage in Brussels is your destination for deep relaxing and energetic massage by working and restoring your sexual energy. Massage menu wellness, tantric massage, tao massage. All massages are based on a spiritual approach.


Welcome on board! We receive you in the cargo hold of a former coaster, which has been transformed into a special relaxation room. You can leave your seasickness pills at home because it all happens while the ship is moored in the lighthouse dock of Ostend.

Take your seat in an electronically operated relaxation chair. Float away on a mixture of sounds and music, in which a high-tech sound installation as well as the old ship's engine take part.

massageurope is the portal website that brings you to the shelterig space where colors, ambient music and a therapeutic massage of quality ,will help you ease your exess stress away and find again that wonderful feeling of well being

Healing hands massage

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urban massage

I provide seated massages to individuals with or without appointment every thursday and every friday at the Savagan hairdresser who accomodates me in his living room window in Place Ste Catherine, Brussels. A session lasts about fifteen minutes and is practised fully clothes seated on a special chair. This service is also provided at home, to companies or during cultural or festival events (minimum of 4 people)


Hydrodreaming, relaxation at the lowest price: bubble bath, whirlpool, jacuzzi

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