We deliver roofing slates from all over the world and distribute them on the Belgian market. We source our Brazilian Luckra roofing slate from our own factory in Minas Gerais, Brazil and our Spanish slate comes from our partners Pizarras Expiz and Pizarras La Baña. We also offer Chinese slate and South African slate.

Toitures Lempereur

Lempereur roofs roof makes your work with care and professionalism. Repair, maintenance or conversion of roof offers experience in meeting your requirements. Advice and free quotes

Europe Twin Tile Nv

Europe Twin Tile is the manufacturer of metal roofing tiles and wall cladding panels

Building service plus - Geel

Building Service Plus is specialized in moss removal, cleaning and coating of roofs and façades.

Entreprise de rénovation de terrasse et de maçonnerie en Belgique
Le Roeulx

Attardo Renovation is a renovation company in Belgium with expertise in many renovation sector such as masonry construction and transformation and creation of terrace and parking.
We also carry roofing slates and tiles and complete or partial renovation of your DERBIGUM platforms and zinc.
Whether you have a schedule to build or terrace tiling we are competent and we also cater for roof repairs .

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