Michamps4b - Economie d'énergie - maison positive


The site of reference on energy saving with a free module which enables you to manage your consumption of electricity, water, car or gas. Without forgetting all documentation on the concept of positive house.



Since over 20-years we carry only the finest european needlecraft products and accessories including craft,cross stitch, bell-pull hardware,bobbin lace,fabrics,scissors and ather needlecraft accessories,all this in Brugge,Bruges,handwerkhuisje

Epagneul Breton de L'Hospitalier


This is the site of the Epagneul Breton, the smallest french gundog. We breed for sound temperment and bodies. We think brains, instinct and health are just as important as looks.Our dogs don't live in kennels and pups are born and raised in the family.

Belgian Military Aviation Wrecks and Relics


Belgian Military Aircraft Wreckhunters
Information about Belgian military wrecks and relics, with details of their locations and their present status. You'll also find information about former Belgian military aircraft preserved in private use and museums, or used as monuments or gate guards.

Dog City S.A.


Dog City, club of raising for dogs located at Beauvechain. Practical of l?obéissance, agility and defense of the Master. Pensions for dogs

Etains - pewter - Les Potstaineirs Hutois


manufactures powter goods since years. For all your needs contact Les POtsstainiers, custom request welcome !!

Lace Magazine International


quarterly publication about Belgian lace, published by the Belgian Lace School of Palo Alto, CA, USA.
Lace Magazine international
is a family friendly site for lacemakers and lace collectors

R. Ruthgeerts


This website has been build around my favourite hobby: collecting porcelain.

Obeeliks E-Shop Art Materials


Art Materials Supplies Obeeliks e-shop Antwerpen Belgium

Ikebana - Japans bloemschikken - exclusieve cursus


Ikebana is not for Japan alone, why shouldn't you give it a try.



Probably the biggest loft with National & International Ace pigeons & Olympic pigeons. Herbots Animal Products and the pigeon newspaper La Colombophilie Belge.



This is a Belgian guide about dolls, dollartists,dolltheatres, materials, books etc.

kennel van rostenfoksen


We are a nice dog family, with 4 Belgian shepherds.

Doelgroep Kameleons photo gallery


This is a photogallery with all kind of chameleons.
All the pictures are copyright to Doelgroep Kameleons.
You can only use pictures with approval from www.doelgroepkameleons.be .
For photo use please send use a email.

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